About Us

We are a creative production house founded in 2004 in Amman, Jordan, aimed to provide services for digital media content creators from Film, TV & big-screens, to Web, Mobile & Social media.

The Studios

The Studio is where all the videos, comics, games, music, applications, etc are produced. The studio is the factory that diverts concepts and ideas into reality.
Our spacious, fully equipped studio is lead by a team of professionals that have excellent expertise in the realm of 2D & 3D & video & audio production.

Realizing the importance of maintaining high-quality standards, CORNER OF ART technical team manages and supports the production team throughout the production process, in order to ensure delivering the finest caliber of products.


3D / 2D cartoon production films and series, with the formulation of script and storybording and dialogue and also the creation of characters 2D / 3D with the best team in the Arab world.

Motion Graphics

Whether it’s a logo formation, Presentation, Big-screen event, informative video, product, brand or service, Nine creates a full motion content that helps you engage your audience and deliver your message.

Visual Effects

Comprehensive VFX services that range from Rotoscoping, Keying, Match-moving and Compositing, to execution, on-set supervision, and management.

Color Grading

Whether it’s a feature film, short, music video or a TV Commercial, Color grading not only boosts your production value but can also bring your story to life.

Corporate Profile

Whatever your business or business orientation, you can get the best designs that match the nature of your business.

Commercial Ads

Whatever your company’s activity or orientation, you can get the best television commercial, audible, or social media that will build on a high-res marketing strategy.


You can get the best documentary video about the origins of the company / organization and its production lines and services. We put in this video 3D video or images and characters, and the creation of whole cities for one scene in order to produce an unparalleled work.

3D Animation

Show your audience exactly what you want them to see.
Our fresh perspective always looks for the right angle in storytelling and camera work, producing live-action or animated beautiful short or corporate films for business and entertainment.

Company Identity

Use a holistic approach to communicating with your audience. We provide you with all the tools to do just that by making available all the services you will require adjacent to our main services.

We do: Brand Identity, Create full concepts, Website design, Script writing, Content Creation, Mobile apps: design & development, Advertising.

Mobile Application

It is not impossible to implement a mobile application project with high professionalism and accuracy in implementation, in addition to the possibility of developing a global marketing strategy in a very accurate and give the marketing segments as well.